About Us

One night a group of friends and I were discussing the perils of social media. Ironically, the largest area of concern was how this means of communication has actually come to impede authentic communication.


Social media and dating apps that followed are dehumanizing. The people that scroll and swipe are viewed as “users”, and judged by their “likes,” “swipes,” “friends," and "pics." Individuals are reduced to just another unit in an endless stack of faces.

Our Mission

Knections empowers humanity to rethink how online connections have touched their lives. It is our belief that every living being strives to belong. By creating the most welcoming, caring, inclusive community on the planet, we bring true joy and peace to everyone who has access to a phone.

Our Vision

Knections envisions a world that is inclusive and accepting of all people regardless of their gender, identity, ethnicity, or beliefs; and to once and for all end the exploitation of Humans on digital platforms for their personal data and information.

Our Values





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Company Culture

At Knections, we are reshaping social platforms and making a difference in the world every day. We do this by investing in talented, diverse individuals who are inspired by our organization’s mission and vision. By connecting them in a work environment that values each individual based on one unique identifier—Humanity. We set industry trends and make the world a better place.

—Brian Liscio, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer 

Meet the Team

Brian Liscio

CEO & Co-Founder

Brian is on a mission to reshape the way people connect online. He is a passionate entrepreneur who believes that success in business is not defined by what you design but by the mission you develop it around. He is a world traveler and connoisseur of cuisine.

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Anthony Cervone, ESQ.

CEO & Co-Founder

In addition to his role as a CEO, Anthony has been a practicing attorney for over 30 years. He is a lifelong participant in sports, playing hockey, sailing, and surfing. He cares deeply about the mission of Knections and lives our values every day.

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Joy Cervone

Chief Knections Officer

Joy is a strong advocate for women`s rights, and is a fearless warrior of our mission to establish online accountability measures. Joy has spent her life pursuing a career in education and mentorship. She values diversity and inspires creativity.  

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William Barry

Chief Creative Officer

William "Will" has been creating all his life. He even approaches life itself as a big personal design project. When away from working on his devices, Will enjoys hiking, driving, singing, and is on a mission to find the best burger in the world. Any suggestions?

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Carlos Farini

Chief Technology Officer

Carlos is passionate about iOS development and thinks there should always be an app for that. An accomplished sushi chef who calls Brooklyn home, he met his wife on a dating app and thinks you should, too - but find your own, because he isn't sharing!

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